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NDeX allows default servicing law firms to provide industry leading processing support to their clients while maintaining the ability to adapt quickly to changing market conditions without the expense or inconvenience of adjusting staff size.

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Serving the legal profession

With origins as the highly successful processing unit of one of the nation’s largest and most progressive law firms serving the real estate finance industry, NDeX offers an efficient, productive and time-tested approach to default processing. NDeX respects the value of relationships and understands the nuances of local knowledge and experience.

The advantages of working with NDeX include:

  • Support of all foreclosure-related activities, including loss mitigation.
  • Advanced proprietary case management software and automated electronic filing and processing systems.
  • Compliance with lender guidelines, case audit standards and reporting formats.
  • Adherence to regulatory and consumer protection laws and standards.
  • Established relationships with the nation’s major servicers allows you to take on new work without investing in processing infrastructure.
  • Adaptability to foreclosure and bankruptcy case levels in without the expense, inconvenience or disruptions associated with adjusting staff size.
  • IT services and support for non-legal processing staff.